Marni Battista's "D-Factor Process"

The D-Factor Process Includes:

  • A 20-Minute "D-Factor Process" Online Assessment*
  • A 50-Minute Private Coaching Session

You will know EXACTLY:

  • How men really see you based on your unconscious, energetic presence (your girlfriends aren't willing or able to give you this feedback)
  • Why the type of men you actually want to be with are not knocking on your door
  • How and why you sabotage relationships with quality men
  • What you can do right now to turn your love life around and create an unbelievable relationship with a loving mate!

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Normal Value is Over $1000!

Note: Marni’s private coaching clients pay up to
$1000/hr for her uncanny ability to inspire real results in
their love lives, the D-Factor Process is by far
the most accessible 1-on-1 service she offers.

Everyone who has taken the D-Factor Process
has enjoyed a dramatic shift in his/her love life.
Starting at just $397 with an master coach
or 2 payments of $449 for a session with Marni.

Standard D-Factor $397

With Master Coaches Christine, Raeeka, Tessa, or Jeff

VIP D-Factor

With Expert Dating Coach Marni Battista
2 Monthly Payments of $449

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People Are Saying...

At the end of our debrief you kindly agreed to give me some specific step by step advice on what I should focus on. I've worked at implementing it and, after a not-so-easy time of confronting my limiting beliefs, searching for new beliefs and attitudes that would open me to a new and even better way of life etc., the results started showing. My life's more joyful and meaningful and I'm becoming more authentic and happy. Other people are reacting to it in wonderful ways, and here's the best news: I met a great guy and am joyfully dating him! This experience feels so much different (and more wonderful) than anything I've had before! Words can't express my gratitude.~Monika, Poland