Marni Battista's "D-Factor Process"

The D-Factor Process Includes:

  • A 20-Minute "D-Factor Process" Online Assessment*
  • A 50-Minute Private Coaching Session

You will know EXACTLY:

  • How men really see you based on your unconscious, energetic presence (your girlfriends aren't willing or able to give you this feedback)
  • Why the type of men you actually want to be with are not knocking on your door
  • How and why you sabotage relationships with quality men
  • What you can do right now to turn your love life around and create an unbelievable relationship with a loving mate!

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Normal Value is Over $1000!

Note: Marni’s private coaching clients pay up to
$1000/hr for her uncanny ability to inspire real results in
their love lives, the D-Factor Process is by far
the most accessible 1-on-1 service she offers.

Everyone who has taken the D-Factor Process
has enjoyed a dramatic shift in his/her love life.
Starting at just $397 with an master coach
or 2 payments of $449 for a session with Marni.

Standard D-Factor $397

With Master Coaches Christine, Raeeka, Tessa, or Jeff

VIP D-Factor

With Expert Dating Coach Marni Battista
2 Monthly Payments of $449

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People Are Saying...

Each and every class with Marni has been a very high standard and always way beyond what I expected. I felt like I have been in the presence of greatness and I really appreciate and learned something from each and every session.
~ Estelle